How to install grandStack starter on localhost (Step by Step)

The docs only show how to install "grandstack starter" on a sandbox.

After a lot of Attempts and small errors (Again the docs missing) - this is a step-by-step visual guide.


npx create-grandstack-app grandStack_myNewApp_6

Click enter for all options (Deafult setting).

I don't know if this is a bug -or- error - anyway change this:

To => localhost


B. Neo4J browser

1/3. Create a database + match the password to env password.

2/3. Install APOC

3/3. Start server

C. The tricky "weird" part

Terminal one (Of two)

npm run start

Terminal two (Open one more terminal)

**again: While terminal one is running also run this command.

cd api
npm run seedDb

Close this terminal connection (ctrl + c).

Why two terminals?

If I run only one I get this error (And other errors):

Error: Network error: request to http://localhost:4001/graphql failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

Done :)

Data loaded: :slight_smile:

** Test on windows 10
** If you get "weird/rare" errors try => npm cache clean --force