How to get the graph to display a different value and can it display all the values?

I have a question on how to get the graph to show me the employee name instead of the department name. Here is my node, MERGE (:Employee {EmployeeName:"Johnny Khor",DepartmentName:"Data and Analytic"})
but when I do match(n) return(n), it show departmentname instead of EmployeeName, yes, when I click on it, at the bottom it will show me the whole node value, how do I get it to show employeename instead of departmentname and if there is anyway, I can it to show all the values in the node in the graph instead of 1 value

If you click on the label name (near the top) it should reveal an edit area at the bottom of the result pane, allowing you to change the color and size of nodes of that label, as well as to change it to use a different property as a caption.

For the graph results, only one property can be used as a caption. You can switch to see Table or Text results which will show more information, such as all properties on the returned nodes.


Thanks. I got it to switch to employee name.