How to get the activation key file & Bloom license?


I just have got this message from Neo4j bloom desktop : "You do not have permissions for Neo4j Bloom. Please contact your system administrator for access."

So I am trying to get the permissions to use Bloom, But I can't find some files that I need. How can I get the activation key file and license file ?

Sera Jeong

Hi Sera,

thank you for reaching out! It sounds like you have the Bloom server plugin installed on the database.

This message appears when the Bloom server plugin is installed on the database and the role of the user that is logging in is not included in the neo4j.bloom.authorization_role settings in the database config file.

By default, the Bloom server only authorises users with the admin role to access Bloom. To enable users with other roles to have Bloom access using the server, you can add roles to the settings like in the example below:


There is more information on the settings of the Bloom server plugin here. Once you add the user role you are logging in with to this setting, the message should not show anymore and you should be able to access Bloom.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue and if you got any other questions.

Many thanks,

I still can't open the bloom 🥲 also can't find my license file.
How can I resolve this problem ?

Sera Jeong

I have resolved my problem ! I just have opened Neo4j Bloom on my desktop, Thank you !

Sera Jeong

Hi Sera.
Could you please let me know how you have been able to solve the issue. i am also facing the same issue.