How to get preferential score for large number of rows

Hello My data set contains 4 million rows. I have columns ID and category. I want to calculate preferential score based on category at my node label Tester. ID column is distinct. Under Tester label nodes have relation "TESTS" .I didn't try preferential score algorithm before so I visited neo4j document

MATCH (p1:Person {name: 'Michael'})
MATCH (p2:Person {name: 'Karin'})
RETURN gds.alpha.linkprediction.preferentialAttachment(p1, p2, {relationshipQuery: "FRIENDS"}) AS score

so here what I have understood the example is given for two distinct nodes. But how could I. make preferential score for more than two nodes which belongs to similar category and similar relationship ? or how could i calculate preferential scores for a particular node which is linked other multiple nodes those have similar category .Kindly guide me with examples. I have installed bellow plugins gds 1.1, apoc and neo4j version is
Thank you :slight_smile: