How to get full the schema of GraphQL

Hi all,
I need to get all the schema that I push on Neo4j database, I'm using 'CALL graphql.schema()' but it doesn't fit my desire.
This procedure just return all the Node and Relationship schema, and I need ENUM and MUTATION also.
Are there any ways to get those information from Neo4j?

You wouldn't be getting that information from Neo4j. Enums and mutations are part of the GraphQL layer that you would be using to create your API. To get that information you need to introspect your GraqphQL like:

__type(name: "CountryCodesEnum") {

Neo4j does not have mutations, etc. inside of it.

Thank you for your answer,
Could you explain more about 'introspect GraphQL'?

You can find out about GraphQL introspection here

I’m glad I could help.

Thank you so much.
I have found the solution based on your suggestions. :D