How to export and import database in Neo4j for Windows?

From what I googled so far, I can't see anything regarding exporting in neo4j for Windows. I can see import button though. How can I export in Windows?

could you please give more details about your question ?
what you are trying to export ?

Probably, you are looking for Dump and Load of database.
Please follow this link.. it has nice documentation and works for Windows too.

But is there a way to import the database using the Desktop application?

There seems to be the functionality in the UI:


You have to use a tool called "neo4j-admin" to dump and load Neo4j database backups, and do it from terminal after stop the Neo4j server. Unfortunately, this tool not included in the Neo4j Desktop Edition for Windows. The correct version/edition you should looking for is "Neo4j Community Server". It can be found from the link below:

Before you download it make sure you have Java Runtime correctly installed in your computer. Also, you have to make sure setting the environmental variable correctly for $JAVA_HOME.
You can check it by type $echo $JAVA_HOME in terminal to see that. If it return nothing, then the environmental variable didn't set correctly, otherwise will show the location of JDK. Google how to do it yourself online. I am not gonna say it at here. It better to be the "Oracle(R) Java(TM) 11, OpenJDK(TM) 11 to run Neo4j."

After you download the Neo4j Community Server, cd to Neo4j home directory\bin, then run neo4j in console mode or just start it.

next you can follow the instruction from the Neo4j document page about dump and load. link are given by others answers regarding this question.

if you try to copy the file under database folder under the Neo4j desktop edition installation directory, it doesn't work. you won't able to import those files later from other Neo4j instance.

I learn this in a hard way.

PS: There is another tool available called backup can do the same, but only available in Enterprise edition.


Neo4j-Admin is and has always been included in Neo4j Desktop, the desktop edition is actually the Enterprise edition of Neo4j, so supports live backups as well (which Community edition doesn't :( ).

In your Desktop environment, if you press 'Open Folder'

You'll be taken to the install folder of your instance.

If you copy the folder location, and open up a PowerShell instance (as administrator), then CD to that folder:

You can then cd bin and ls to see the Neo4j-Admin tooling.

At this point, I would import the .psd1 file, for which you might need to Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass -scope currentuser depending on your rights, then run Import-Module .\Neo4j-Management.psd1


Now you can run Invoke-Neo4jAdmin backup or Invoke-Neo4jAdmin restore as you want.