How to export a sub Graph out of a main graph and create a new graph

Hi all, I'm trying to export a sub graph out from my main graph and then load the sub graph into a new database. What's the best way to do it? I've the query for my sub graph.

MATCH (mainField:Field {fieldID:'F_0271BC14'})<-[:PART_OF_FIELD*..]-(subField:Field)
WITH subField, mainField
MATCH (Institute:Institute)<-[r:WORKED_IN]-(Author:Author)<-[:WRITTEN_BY]-(paperINsub:Paper)-[:PAPER_IN_FIELD]->(subField),
RETURN Institute,Author,paperINsub,subField,Journal,Conference

I want the label relation and nodes to be the same and export to a new graph. Thanks

Take a look at the export procedures in APOC.

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THANKS. Managed to do it with

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