How to escape single quotes in csv files?

Recently, I used the ’neo4j-admin import‘ command to import a csv file. In the file, some data is at the beginning of the single quote --> ’. However, this will result in an error and the file can not be imported.

500521802000056;'Mr.Tian Market;13016433146;20160917

I have tried to use such an escape character: '.

500521802000056;\'Mr.Tian Market;13016433146;20160917

Although importing in this way will not give an error, but in the neo4j display, did not escape the single quotes, but in the form of a string exists in neo4j, when I use swagger to call the interface query, the returned json array It’s like this:

"data": {
    "id": 0,
    "mnoId": "500521802000056",
    "name": "\\'Mr.Tian Market",
    "tel": "13016433146",
    "day": "20160917",
    "mnos": null

Use back tic as escape character.

what is the error you get during the import?
It should only report that if single quotes are used as quote characters