How to deal with COO format in Neo4j?

Hi, everyone

I try to use PyTorch Geometric combine with Neo4j, and PyTorch Geometric needs to use the COO formate (coordinate format).

Could I ask how should I deal with the relationship property of the edge in Neo4j?

Just to check I understand...are you saying that you want to return a Neo4j query and use the results in PyTorch?

Can you share an example of what the COO format looks like?

Hi, Needham

I just try to follow below link to use PyTorch Geometric :
Hands-on Graph Neural Networks with PyTorch & PyTorch Geometric | by Kung-Hsiang, Huang (Steeve) | Towards Data Science

It mentions the COO format the example is just like:

I'm trying to transform my Labeled Property Graphs model to that COO format, but it seems the COO format only could be used in the triple situation.
I'm not sure how should I deal with the property of edges when trying to transform the data.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: