How to create a database using bunch of Excels

I am a novice in terms of a database catalog developer for graph database.

We are trying to check upon a use case where we have atleast 50 xlxs and only have their own attribute column with no relationship column defined.

I am trying to merge these into a single cohesive unit using neo4j. Since many of the column values may be correlated or common between these files, i wish to group them and present as a hierarchical unit visually.
I am sure neo4j could be the best but not clear how to proceed with this task.

Kindly support here Team!

Many Thanks!

hi @garimavrm91 it should work, but you would need to convert your excels to CSV files, and then afterwards you would be able to use the LOAD CSV command in cypher to import the data based on the column headers.

You would then be able to specify your relationships as you do your imports. Check the documenation here