How to count similar relationship shared by two nodes?

I want to count the number of common relations shared by two employee nodes. I will attach my query

// Employee data
LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///y.csv' AS line
MERGE (a:Employee {empid:line.EmpID})
  ON CREATE SET a.firstname = line.FirstName, a.lastname = line.LastName
MERGE (g:Gender{gender:line.Gender})
Merge (a)-[:GENDER]-(g)
MERGE (ag:Age {age:toInteger(line.AgeinYrs)})
MERGE (a)-[:AGE]-(ag)
MERGE (y:Year {year:toInteger(line.YearofJoining)})
Merge (a)-[:YEAR_OF_JOINING]-(y)
MERGE (m:Month {month:line.MonthNamofJoining})
merge (a)-[:JOINING_MONTH]-(m)
Merge (c:City {city:line.City})
Merge (a)-[:CITY]-(c)
Merge (p:Pincode{pincode:line.PinCode})
Merge (a)-[:PINCODE]-(p)
Merge (C:County {county:line.County})
Merge (a)-[:COUNTY]-(C)
Merge (r:Region {region:line.Region})
Merge (a)-[:REGION]-(r)
Merge (s:State{state:line.State})
Merge (a)-[:STATE]-(s)
return a,y,m,ag,p,C,r,s,g limit 25

//Relation between two employees
 MATCH (a:Employee)-[r]->(b) 
 where a.empid in ['789773','158108']
 return a,b,r

1)How can I count common relationships shared by these two nodes

2)How can I count most no of relationships shared by any two nodes from whole data.

  1. MATCH path = (e1:Employee) -->(n)<--(e2:Employee)
    RETURN n

You can return the whole path too with the RETURN path clause instead

Not sure what you mean for the question 2

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Try this for #2:

MATCH (d)-[r]-(a)
WITH labels(d) as lbl, type(r) as rels, count(r) as Cnt, labels(a) as lbl1
RETURN lbl, rels, Cnt, lbl1 order by Cnt desc

I want to return employees who had the highest no of relationships shared between them.
for example [employee 1 & employee 2 as four common relations] and [employee 3 & employee2] as five common relations. so here the highest relations exist between employee2 & employee3. so I want to return employee 3 and employee 2 count.