How to connect neo4j server via private ip inside VPC

hello i am able to connect my remote neo4j server with public ip.
but i want to use private ip to connect inside vpc . when i am trying to connect it is showing me connection timeout. is there any configuration changes required to connect via private ip your quick response will be highly appreciated. TIA

This is not possible and shouldn't be. The purpose of a private IP inside of a VPC is to disallow traffic from the outside. So if you can't connect, the VPC is doing is job correctly. ;)

Now, you can enable traffic to the Neo4j instance inside of the VPC -- this is all VPC configuration and has little to do with Neo4j. Simply enable traffic on ports 7687 (bolt), 7474 (http) and 7473 (https) and you should be good to go.

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thanks david so it was human error . the instance was out of VPC just reviewed infra and realized the issue, after moving inside it works like charm :) thanks again

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BTW can you guide me how to check slow query logs in community edition . because performance of my server is very slow i have created index as well