How to configure Enterprise Server for using ETL tools(graph apps)?

Hello, I am a junior data engineer in South Korea.
While installing an Enterprise Server on AWS EC2 Ubuntu, I am facing some problems.

first, I want to use Graph Apps ( ETL TOOLS ), but I cannot find the Graph Apps icon on Neo4j browser.
please give me any ideas how to configure the Enterprise Server for using Graph Apps.

second, I tried to add a project and dbms on Neo4j desktop. ( i installed on EC2 server with t2.2xlarge)
but It took too long time to create dbms and I could't add dbms on browser.

thank you.

Hey there,

While I'm almost certain that graph apps like the ETL Tool are exclusive to Neo4J Desktop. You may want to try implementing your ETL with the ETL tool command line which can be installed as a plug-in.