How to completely empty / create a new empty DB in Aura?

I just created an Aura account and let it create a DB for me. It was populated with the Movies database. I'd like to empty it and load my own DB. Although I detached & deleted the nodes, and deleted the Constraints and Indexes, Labels remain. I see notes (not Aura-specific) saying there's no way within the browser or Desktop to delete all Labels, though on local DBs one can delete files to do this.

Can I delete the current DB without invalidating my account, and crate a new one? If so,

  • is there an option to NOT load the Movies DB, but create it completely empty?
  • or can I delete this DB and upload a dump from an empty DB I would create on my local machine?

(I didn't want to delete the DB and then find I was stuck.)

Worst case I can just live with the stray labels.

To completely empty a database, one way of doing it is to upload an empty dump file. This will do it.

But if you've deleted constraints and indexes, I also wouldn't worry about the labels. If there aren't any instances of those labels in your database, the database doesn't "contain" the label per se in any useful schema. The internal database has a count store that keeps track of how many of a thing is there. So if you create (:Person) and then delete them all, the database keeps track of the fact that you now have 0 (:Person) nodes. Browser then "shows you that you have this label" but really I think what you're seeing is an empty bucket in the database's count store.