How to check the ammount of times a neo4J index was used?

So I received a dated schema that used to work well at the beginning but it's experimenting some scaling issues.

Among of them, the space used by the indexes is catching my attention so I would like to know if they are being used, how many times, etc.

Other that explaining/profiling queries, is there anything else I could use to have this kind of information?

Thanks! :)

Try CALL dbms.listQueries() -- it returns a field indexes which gives you info on indexes used by the query. This is going to tend to be good for long running processor intensive queries. If the query is super short/fast, it'll be done before you have a chance to catch it with this method.

You can also list transactions with this second link. No direct index usage information. Others may be able to comment about the affect between page hits / page faults and index usage (there may be a connection I'm not sure)

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