How to Ask a Good Question (TIPS)

Welcome to the community!

If you have technical questions, we’d love to help you find the answers to them!! Please help us help you by following the guidelines below.”

Write a title that summarizes the specific problem
The title may be the first and the last thing that potential viewers see of your post. Make it count.
Make it describe the problem, not your current state of mind. ALL CAPS and lots of question and exclamation marks are an indication that you wear your underwear on your head ??? not that you have an urgent problem !!!

Choose the correct "category" and add the relevant "tags"
Both of these serve to narrow down the problem area. A database creation error on the "Neo4j Desktop" is quite possible, it is almost impossible if installed with a Yum package. For installation questions specifying the OS is definitely useful. And so on.

Explain First
What do you want to accomplish? What is your problem?
What have you tried (you have tried something, right ... right?)?
Can you reproduce the situation? Which steps need to be followed to get there?

Code Second
For some weird reason, Verdana 12pt does horrible things to code. There's a ton of ways to add readable code in your posts, the easiest is to select it and use the </> preformatted text icon.
Reading hundreds of lines of code and Cypher-queries is the favorite hobby of most of the visitors of the forum. Just in case it's one of the others that is trying to help you ... provide the code that demonstrates the issue and no more.

You're ready to press "Create"? Take a deep breath. Exhale. Go once more over what you've just written. Does it look like the kind of question you could answer?

I'm not sure my English is good enough ... can I get help?
Just do the best you can! While technical questions should be in English, there are Local Groups on the forum. Not only good for finding out about local activities but there might be somebody else there that knows - for example - South-West England English and can help you translate it into six o'clock news English !

Be Patient - Be Friendly - Be Polite - Help somebody else in turn
Somebody is going to spend some of the single most valuable resources for a human on your question. Time. Giving an indication that you understand the value of that is the least you can do.