How to apply GraphSAGE algorithm on a node with mixed types of attributes?

If my nodes look like:

{id: 1, name: "John", last_name: "Doe", age: 40, city: "New York", credit_score: 5.5}
{id: 2, name: "Linda", last_name: "Lumbo", age: 32, city: "Washington", credit_score: 5.5}
{id: 3, name: "Greg", last_name: "Tanta", age: 28, city: "New York", credit_score: 5.5}
{id: 4, name: "Donald", last_name: "Greenboim", age: 64, city: "Tel Aviv", credit_score: 5.5}
{id: 5, name: "Leo", last_name: "Greenhouse", age: 98, city: "Paris", credit_score: 5.5}
{id: 6, name: "John", last_name: "Opelbaum", age: 80, city: "Moscow", credit_score: 1}
{id: 7, name: "John", last_name: "Vein", age: 21, city: "Los Angeles", credit_score: 0.35}
{id: 8, name: "Dino", last_name: "Lodz", age: 34, city: "New York", credit_score: 1.5}
{id: 9, name: "Kurt", last_name: "Kreston", age: 89, city: "New York", credit_score: 5.3}
{id: 10, name: "Alex", last_name: "Mulo", age: 22, city: "Moscow", credit_score: 2.5}
{id: 11, name: "John", last_name: "Tolo", age: 32, city: "Liverpool", credit_score: 0.5}
{id: 12, name: "Trent", last_name: "Benson", age: 57, city: "London", credit_score: 5.114}
{id: 13, name: "Tom", last_name: "Richardson", age: 23, city: "New York", credit_score: 0.986}

Consider all are interconnected and I want to apply the GraphSAGE algorithm on the attributes.
For some reason I can't get the embeddings when my attributes are strings. Please guide me how can I apply the GraphSAGE algorithm on nodes with string type attributes? Or mixed (float, int, string).

Failed to invoke procedure gds.graph.create: Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Loading of values of type String is currently not supported

Our implementation of GraphSAGE doesn't support strings. You'll want to use something like Word2Vec, outside of Neo4j, to encode the strings as numeric properties. If they're categorical variables, you can use one hot encoding: One Hot Encoding - Neo4j Graph Data Science

Dear Alicia,
Thanks for your reply.
But how can I integrate all these fields?
Given one of the above nodes, can you please give me an example, what will be an acceptable input for Neo4j GraphSAGE algorithm?
Should it be:

{id: 1, name: [embedding_vector], last_name: [embedding_vector], age: 40, city: [embedding_vector], credit_score: 5.5} ?

It won't be one number but a vector for each string field.
Please advise if I can prepare it inside Neo4j and update the nodes attributes.