How to add multiple values to one property

I have data in CSV , like
Name id
AB 1
I have three id for one name and i have created node of person with name property(p:Person{name}) now i want to add id property and want all those id in that property like p:Person{name:AB,id:[1,2,3]} and i have to import data from CSV. How can i do that?

load csv with headers from <url> as row
merge (p:Person{})
on create set = []
on match set = +

Be aware that schema indexes will not support looking up nodes by a value in a list property. If you need fast lookup by id, then this is best modeled a different way, with separate nodes containing the id that have relationships to the node that has the name.

For example, a :Person node with aliases, where we want to quickly lookup a person by a given alias. Rather than using a :Person node with a list property of aliases, we would model a :Person with multiple :Alias nodes that point to it, where the given alias property of the :Alias node is indexed, so we can quickly lookup by alias and traverse to the :Person using that alias.