How to access relationships and form a query that recommends restaurants?

I have the following model:

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///restaurant_data.csv" AS data 
MERGE(n1:Customer{name:data.Name, latitude:toFloat(data.Latitude),longitude:toFloat(data.Longitude)}) 
MERGE(n3:Restaurant{restaurantname:data.Restaurant, restlat:toFloat(data.Rest_lat), restlong:toFloat(data.Rest_long)}) 
MERGE (n1)-[r1:PLACES_ORDER{orderId:data.Order_ID,ordertimestamp:,'ms', 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'),foodname:data.Food_Item}]->(n3) 

Now i want to fetch a customer's top 5 orders by timestamp. How do I do that in cypher? I was able to do when I had 3 nodes. Customer, Orders and Restaurants as :

WITH o ORDER BY o.OrderTimestamp DESC LIMIT 5
WITH [o.FoodName] as foods
MATCH (r:Restaurant)<-[:BELONGS_TO]-(o:Orders{FoodName:"Pommes"})
WHERE (o.FoodName in foods) AND NOT (:Customer{Name:"Angy"})-[:PLACES_ORDER]->(o:Orders)-[:BELONGS_TO]->(r:Restaurant)
RETURN distinct r.RestaurantName,foods

How do I use the same search query and access the relationship's property?

You can access relationship properties by binding the relationship to a variable, as done with nodes.


where = "Smith" and = "Google"
return r.startDate, r.role