How to access a local Neo4j database from a different machine?

Dear all,

My computer needs to get repaired and I need to get access to the database on a temporary machine. I don't really know how to approach this. I have Neo4j now installed on both machines and I have my access key saved.

Kind regards

If you have to access your local laptop you can use a Dynamic DNS provider together with a dyndns client. You install a piece of software on your laptop, and it is always exposed as a consistent domain name, even if you use wireless, or change networks.

While this is possible, in the long run you might be better off using a cloud instance, or checking out Neo4j Aura because it may be easier to maintain. Additionally -- once you set up dyndns for your local machine, you still need to make sure that any firewalling between you and the client is set to allow traffic on the right ports, so some people can get tripped up there between local network or traffic policies.