How the nodes are stored in the memory

I want to know " Lets there are 100 nodes with some labels. So how these nodes will be stored in memory. Is it stored in adjacency list?

Watch this video, it'll help explain some of the inner workings Secret Sauce of Neo4j: Modeling and Querying Graphs - YouTube


thank you for your Response. So according to that video i have taken an example where two person nodes are there and the relationship is also there So please tell me: is this the way it will be stored in memory (please find attached image)

if it is not right. can you please tell me how it could be stored in memory.

I honestly doesn't know how data is cached in the java heap and other memory structures. I'm curious why you want to know? You can't control it. Neo4j manages what data is stored in memory and what is read from disk. Just like MS-SQL or Oracle, the application is proprietary how it works. Personally I don't want to have to manage memory management, I expect my application do that for me. For me it's important to understand good modeling and query tuning.

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