How long SDN5 will be supported from now

I was lucky to upgrade my legacy project to SDN5 (unfortunately not to SDN6) and Neo4j 4.2.6.

How long SDN5 will be supported from now?

The release planning etc. is done by VMware
Spring Data Neo4j 5.3 is part of the Neumann release train and this will be EOL Feb. 22. ( Release Train Neumann · spring-projects/spring-data-commons Wiki · GitHub)
But most heavy-lifting is done by Neo4j-OGM (3.2) in the background and we agreed on supporting this as long as Neo4j 4.x is supported (Something end '23, I don't have the numbers at hand).
So even if a SDN 5.3 should not run with a certain version of a future 4.x release or there is a bugfix in OGM, you can always update to the latest Neo4j-OGM version to get the needed fixes.

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Thanks for your answer ! I hope I'll migrate to SDN6 till that time!