How I can connect a mongoDB to neo4j

I was wondering if anyone in the community has set up neo4j as a container and at the same time to have connected this container with a mongoDB
I have deployed neo4j as container and then using the exec mode in the container I wanted to follow that instuctions Neo4j and MongoDB - Developer Guides but with no success as the bash in the exec mode of a container is poor. Could I connect with Mongo DB running container?

Generally, if you want two docker containers to talk to each other, they need to be part of a bridged network. AFAIK, you have two options on that: docker-compose and standalone containers.

Writing a docker compose is described over at Networking in Compose | Docker Documentation

There's also a nice tutorial on standalone containers and setting up a bridge network at Networking with standalone containers | Docker Documentation.

Once they are running on the same bridge, you should be able to communicate across containers.