How do I exclude auto generated mutations?

my schema:

const schema = makeAugmentedSchema({
    resolvers: resolveFunctions,
    config: {
        auth: {
            isAuthenticated: true,
            hasRole: true
        mutation: {
            exclude: ["AddUserTickets","RemoveUserTickets","MergeUserTickets"]

The mutations still show up in graphql playground docs, and are functional..

Have you tried "_AddUserTicketsPayload" in the documentation is says that you need to add the "type names" which are usually preceded by an underscore.

Yes, I've tried that also.. the mutations still show up :(

Seems like it also may be a relationship issue as well. Since you've got a to and from in the schema. You might need to do like the second half of the example in the docs and exclude those relationship types.