How do I clear neo4j browser cache

I accidentally created a node called 'USER' when I meant to create one called 'User'. When I go into the browser and type in 'match (u:...) I got the options and see both USER and User.

How do I get rid of the 'USER' from that list? I know it has to do with cache but haven't found a solution.

Thank you.

Hi Rhys,

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Post deleting the node from the DB , refresh the browser and it will go off

Thank you very much.

 I did this -> match (u:USER) delete u

and then I logged off and back on to the browser.

When I typed in 'match (u:' the list of nodes showed up a USER was still there.


  1. Match (u:USER) detach delete u
  2. Refresh the browser using F5