How do enable triggers in Neo4j Aura

I wan to create a timestamp when a node is updated and need a trigger. How do i enable this on Aura?

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Hi Anthony,

The triggers are not yet available with Aura despite being part of APOC contrarily to my original post.
Aura is actively developed and this will should be considered for new features.


Hi there, can you share when this will be enabled roughly?

Hi there. I'm a customer of Neo4j Aura, and I have a requirement for triggers as well.

@pierre.martignon can you clarify if and when this might be available?

Hi Sat.

We have been very busy delivering other features and unfortunately at this moment in time this is currently not scheduled in the roadmap.
I suggest you register your interest here: Enable triggers | Feature Requests | Neo4j because this is used by product managers to measure demand and ultimately this drives priority of new features.


This is a pretty old post, but I was wondering if triggers were enabled on AuraDB?