How could I install plugins in Neo4j desktop without internet connection?

My neo4j desktop always has no network connection. I have tried three versions. They are 1.1.18, 1.1.15 and the latest 1.1.21, but they all suggest that there is no internet connection. I have tried the following three methods:

  1. Set up a network proxy. I set up a network proxy in New York, but still prompted no internet connection. I think this is not a problem with my web proxy.
  2. Replace the version. As I said before, I tried three versions, because I saw some similar problems and solutions in the community forum, I tried to change the version, but he still does not work.
  3. I tried installing the plugin in the Graph Database of my Neo4j Desktop project according to the Neo4j Community Edition installation of the Graph Algorithms plugin, but it still doesn't work.

    Of course, I can choose Work Offline to let him continue working, but this is not what I want, I want to be able to install and use the plugin. Is there any way to install the plugin in the Offline case?

Sorry, but plugins currently are only installed remotely with an internet connection. You'll also want an internet connection to get updates for Neo4j Desktop itself.

Are you sure you don't have any firewalls or other software/network configuration which would prevent the desktop application from connecting to the internet?

This is the URL which is checked to return a 200-298 status code and 'success' in the body:

Are you able to access that URL from your web browser?


I checked. Visit this URL directly from my Internet, it returns 503, maybe it is not allowed in my country. But when I open my web proxy to access it, it returns 200.
Then I set up the HTTP proxy in the Proxy Settings of neo4j desktop. I am very sure that my IP, port, username and password are not wrong, but he still doesn't work, which makes me very upset. Is there any problem with my operation?

And when using that HTTP proxy in your web browser (Chrome, etc), are you able to access that URL?

yes, I can.I access that URL in my Chrome with the HTTP proxy, and it returns 200

thanks. i'm talking with the desktop team about the next steps in debugging this.

Ryan, thanks for your reply, I hope to be resolved as soon as possible,

I have been through the same problem. I can get the URL with my chrome browser and return success.

Same issue here. I've even tried the CNTLM proxy on my Windows 7 box, which works with lots of other tools, but not Neo4jDesktop.

You can download it from github making sure you note the README instructions for modifications to your neo4j.config. Then simply place the file in the plugins folder for your database under the plugins folder.



@William are you on a corporate network, have a desktop firewall installed, or behind a national firewall like the 'Great' Firewall?

@delboy Same question as asked William above. Can you provide more information around your setup?

Note: the Desktop team is going to soon release a version which has "regionally appropriate" URLs that it checks for an internet connection -- ie, no longer always checking

Windows 7 64-bit, corporate firewall, Windows authentication. I can access the URLs in the browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) with the corporate proxy and also with a locally installed CNTLM (which requires no authentication).

I tried Elaine's suggestion of downloading from GitHub and that worked perfectly.

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