How can I use a database created with neo4j-admin import in Neo4J desktop

Dear all,

My name is Jordi Valls, and I'm starting to use neo4j for my project, which consist to connect genes, variants and diseases in graphic networks.

Due to the high amount of data, LOAD CSV from neo4j desktop invest high amount of time to LOAD the CSV files in the desktop interfece. For this reason I upload my CSV files using neo4j-admin import, which works really fast, in compariston to LOAD CSV.

Now the neo4j-admin import generated a database with all csv node files and relationship files in /var/lib/neo4j/data/databases/, but now I want to add this database into the neo4j desktop but I dont know how can I do it... Also I dont know how to do querys using the database generated with neo4j-admin import..... My next step is use python to manage my database generated by neo4j-admin, I expect to do it!

I will appreciate your respones so much.

Thanks for your time


If you want to use desktop do the following:

  1. create a new dbms in desktop
  2. open the terminal for that dbms
  3. run bin/neo4j-admin import .. in that terminal
  4. start that dbms
  5. if you imported into a different than the default "neo4j" database, switch to the system db and run create database mydb;

Alternatively you can use neo4j-admin dump on your db in /var/lib/neo4j and then import the dump file in desktop like shown above.

Just make sure your neo4j db in /var/lib is stopped when you use desktop

THanks Michael! really clear and helpful!

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