How can I manage users on Bloom?


I'm using now Neo4j Bloom on Desktop.
I thought that as long as I set the user authentication in the Browser, it would be reflected in Bloom.
But it is not correct.

How to set the user authentication?
For example, User A have admin role so he can edit database on Bloom. On the other hand, User B have reader role, so he can't edit database.

Thanks in Advance.

Bloom just uses the users and roles that you have configured in your database.

The only drawback is that bloom wants to write it's config back to the database which a reader cannot do, not sure if there's a way around it within desktop, or if you need the bloom plugin for it.


There is a tool in neo4j called neo4j-admin in bin directory. Please look at Neo4j Admin Documentation for proper syntax. It has got lot of command line arguments that you can use to configure/tune Graph database admin DB.

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Sameer G

Hi, @taichi_kawakami!

Do you have the Bloom server plugin installed?

User authentication is not available for Bloom on Neo4j Desktop without the Bloom server plugin; it is only available when using Bloom server plugin.

Neo4j Bloom documentation exposes:

Bloom app in Neo4j Desktop

Without the Bloom server
In this mode, the standalone Bloom app can connect to a Neo4j database locally created in Desktop only. Without the Bloom server, the client will store Perspective definition in a local storage allocated to the app. This is effectively a single user mode for Bloom and may be used in an evaluation or proof of concept to try Bloom against your graph data.

Please have a look at conf directory and configure ACL as per your specification

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Sameer G