Hola! This is Samantha from Mexico

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, I am from Mexico City but I currently live in Tijuana (just across the border from San Diego). I studied Pure Mathematics, but I just recently started working in Software Development. I am interested in Neo4j because I studied Graph Theory in my Bachelors. I work as a Data Scientist here in Tijuana. I hope I can learn how to apply Graph Theory in the industry.

Hi Samantha,

when I start to know Neo4j I was impressed from the academy:

The program for learning is progressive and have a long-time support, you can see better in the certification program : Neo4j Certified Professional | Free Neo4j Courses from GraphAcademy.

During the online events are a lot of industry application explained:



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Hi Alessio!

Yes! I have liked very much the available content. I have already taken some of the courses and got the certification :slightly_smiling_face: I will definitely check the online events.



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