Hola, I am Señor Blues, El Presidente en Liberation Data ✊


I'm Señor Blues, Señor Jasper Blues, and I lead Liberation Data - a brand new three Neo4j-powerd Australian incorporated company. We're to be a team of data scientists, architects and engineers skilled in the practical applications of network science. That means we can help you to extract insight from and form business processes around graph-shaped data.

We partner with and invest in companies from around the world, especially in the private sector, who believe, like us, that transmuted data can enrich, uplift and liberate the lives of our peers.

On a personal front, I’ve developed a number of Neo4j-based apps including a proprietary recommendation engine that allows like-minded musicians from around the world to collaborate.

I’m an open-source veteran, across a range of pursuits from creative multimedia endeavours to the deeply nerdy. I contributed to the Spring Framework, in the early days, and again more recently on Spring Data Neo4j, with GraphAware.

I founded Typhoon. This was a library that was developed with love and sweat in SE Asia and Siberia. It now powers thousands of iOS applications, so if you use Apple products, there is probably a little pocket-sized Typhoon in there blowing around in there.

My most recent work with Neo4j includes assisting an Australian-based joint venture corporation on their first steps to undertake a Neo4j-powered digital transformation in sports. Everyone needs an awesome side-project, and my current one is developing a framework for Neo4j-powered Node.js applications. (I'm gonna publish that shortly - let y'all know).

Meanwhile, how's this for a cunning feat? I published my first blog post on any topic, ever. (And of course it was about Neo4j). But . . . (and here's the kicker), before I could do this, I invented a method and apparatus for engaging both the left-brain and the right-brain while digesting technical content.

What this means is that I came up with a NLP pipeline, where on the one side you feed in a work of fiction. The usual engaging topics are suggested - crime, love, warfare, etc. On the other side, you place you technical content. Then just push the button and PING. Out comes the "Short Story Tech Tutorial". Just wait - in 2020, every tech tutorial will be a "Short Story Tech Tutorial" . . (or maybe not . . . but anyway take a look)


^-- here it is. So here I am, and nice to meet you all.

Oh, ps: I live in Manila, Philippines, travel around a bit, especially in the APAC region, have two lovely (adopted) children and a very lovely wife. Family members are understanding of my Neo4j obsession.

And pps: Besides Liberation Data I run a mobile consulting studio called appsquick.ly. This company sprung up organically from the initial founders of Typhoon. As a result, we have offices in the unlikely places of Manila, Philippines and Omsk, Siberia :) I would love to run graph meetups in both of these locations.


Same country but still so far away from each other! @dave

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Not far away @neo4j_devrel, I am sometimes based in Baguio :) If you're back from Pittsburgh @dave, I would be happy to meet and talk about all things Neo4j over a coffee.

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Did you make it back to Baguio yet @dave? I'm am here.