"Hola" from Argentina!

My Name is Mariano I´m from Argentina. I'm a very old (and old fashion) sysadmin.

I have more than 20 years of working in IT support. I passed through many IT departments and different specializations, from help desk to cybersecurity and all in the middle (but I ever identify as a sysadmin).

I have more than 25 certifications, most of all are from Microsoft, I have the old MCSE (2003) and I was updating from all the different versions them I was adding some specializations like MS Exchange, MSSQL, and a few more, but it's not the only provider in last time I get a few more from security like CISA from ISACA, and the cloud from the 3 most important providers, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

I don't know how I get to this, but now I'm working as a DevOps (oh! yeah!, sure... I don't like management positions), and now I have in a project in azure with Kubernetes and Neo4j databases :slight_smile:

So, now I'm fighting with neo4j clusters (I need to do up to 6 casual clusters) and the templates are in ARM templates and they aren't so friendly. So, I going to try to upload all the advances and code to the community.

Today is 31 of December so... Happy holidays and happy new year.

Mariano Mileti

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