Hide excessive relationship between nodes

Hi Team

I am using Neo4j Graphene DB on Heroku, Version details for same are.
A)Neo4j Browser version: 4.0.3
B)Neo4j Server version: [3.5.17]

My question is regarding hiding/suppressing relationship between 2 nodes when displayed in graph. If there are 2-3 relationship between nodes , I am interested in displaying only specific relationship.

Ex: When i run below query i want to display only ACTED_IN relationship between node "Tom Cruise" and "Top Gun" , instead Neo4j browser showcases all available relationship between 2.

match(p:Person {name :"Tom Cruise"})-[r:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie {title:"Top Gun"})
return p,r,m

Based on few old post on Stackoverflow , There used to be couple of option in browser to control this behavior , Namely "Auto-Complete" and "Connect all Result node". However these options are no longer available.

So , is there way to control this behavior when displaying graph on NeoBrowser and specifically when this data is pulled and presented in different web page pulling data from Neo4j DB.

Appreciate the help.

Hello @dinogowda :slight_smile:

These options are still available in Neo4j Desktop:


I tried this option , unfortunately this seems to hide all relationship between nodes and not just the ones which we are not selecting. By that I mean , with previous example disabling this option hides all 3 (ACTED_IN, SCREENPLAY, PRODUCED) relationship. However i would like to see only ACTED_IN relationship between 2 nodes.

That's weird :confused:

Which version of Neo4j Database and Neo4j Desktop are you using?


Hi. I can confirm what @dinogowda observed. The checkbox Connect result nodes depicted above seems to act as a "everything or nothing" toggle in terms of displaying relationships in the graph. I'm using the latest neo4j Docker image, which is currently at version 4.4.6