Hi, New to Neo4j Forum

Hi my name is Julian. I live in Dublin.
I recently completed the Neo4j Certifed Professional cert.
My background is Mathematics. Although I completed a Postgrad dip in Data Analytics last year.
I guess my reasoning for completing the course and taking the exam was twofold. Firstly, the boring reason to up-skill. Secondly, I want to implement Network Analysis, Graph Database & Graph theory Concepts in my masters project, which has a working title (not finalised) of something along the lines of networking, mapping and predicting the sphere and influence of extremist groups on social media platforms.

Welcome Julian, I think graphDB can contain the complexity. Many aspects of our knowledge have implicit relationships that can be shown. Unfortunately, not everything that seems logical is actually logical. The good news is that there is really a lot to learn. I like to think of nodes and relationships as different layers of information. Good job.

For database example can be useful: https://portal.graphgist.org/.