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I led the team at a major automotive services company to revolutionise their customer experience. As part of that programme of work we had demos from Pitney Bowes and their Spectrum solution. At the heart of this great product was an amazing engine. Neo4j.
Your relationships with a car are complex. Do you own it, lease it, drive it, service it ? Do you take it to a garage which is close to your home, your work or where you break down?
We had data from a dozen systems to load/cleanse/de-dup/rationalise.
Using the ETL capabilities of Spectrum and the properties of a graph database, Neo4j, this task was made significantly easier. The data security and traceability also helped with GDPR compliance.

I want to build up a network of contacts in the UK to help SMEs exploit the massive potential of this technology.


Welcome! That sounds like a fantastic project!

What's your current work with UK SMEs?


Hi Ryan,

I am working with several companies to help them become more efficient. As part of the project the organisations will rationalise their Enterprise Architecture. I think there are many opportunities to use NEO4J in MDM or other data insights. I was a programmer a long time ago but no longer have the skills or mindset to create the solutions.



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Great to hear. You might want to check out @david.meza01 's work on the NASA lesson learned database. Of course, feel free to reach out on the community if you're looking at specific industries/etc.