Hi! I am Sameer from UK

Please let me know if you have Questions regarding Neo4j Installation Guidelines. I was busy this month with installation procedures and driver compatibilities. Also generic CQL( Q&A )is my involve myself in most of the time.

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Hello @sameer.gijare14 !

It's great to see you here. :)

Which drivers were you looking into?



I was wondering what is the need for reactive drivers and when should you install them. Any clues will be appreciated.

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Sameer Gijare

Reactive drivers are a different style of programming that allows you to work on streams of records rather than an entire set of record. That's helpful when you either a) don't need to keep the entire result set in memory, or b) need to apply processing to every element of the result set.

An example of (a) is that you're sending the results to some other end-point, maybe using some kind of messaging framework.

An example of (b) could be creating a graph visualization or even a table view, so that you can start to present data before everything has "arrived over the wire".

For a more thorough exploration about "functional reactive programming" and using "observable streams" you can read through ReactiveX - Intro


Anyway, I'm currently reading the ReactiveX-Intro and putting my learnings into action. But as a beginner, I may have some questions for you :grin:

Appreciate your help on this
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Sameer S Gijare