Hi from Toulouse, France

:wave: Hi there! I'm Tristan from Toulouse, France :fr:.
Really happy to be there and learn more about graphs and graph algorithms.

I'm working as an Agile Coach and I see a lot of synergies between the study of graphs and networks and organizational change. People are interacting with each other and with various components of their environment (tools, workflows, artifacts, companies, software, etc) forming a big system. Graphs can provide us with this great ability to visualize the system as a whole in order to understand how it may behave under certain cisrcumstances.

Anyway, I'm currently reading the Graph Algorithm book and putting my learnings into action. But as a beginner, I may have some questions for you :grin:

Bonjour et bienvenue Tristan!

We're happy to have you join us here in the Neo4j community. Your observations about organizational change is a perfect graph epiphany, the start of a long and rewarding relationship with graphs.

Enjoy the book! We look forward to helping with any questions that trouble you, and learning from any insights that occur to you.


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