Hi from South Korea, working on an analysis of supply chain


I'm interested in analyzing a data set where companies and their competitors, suppliers and customers and stored with relevant revenues. My goal is to be able to query how stock prices will be reacted given a new piece of information on one company to other 'connected' companies in a knowledge graph.

Hope this community helps and I can do something for it as well as I learn things.

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Hi - I think I can help you with your quest. I am in the U.K What’s the best way to chat?

Hi Vishal,

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t expect it, but I am happy to discuss. I am in South Korea. You can reach me at my emaill at msyeom@kim.co.kr or LinkedIn at my2582@columbia.edu. What is your convenient way of communication, though?

Currently, my problem still vague enough and I have just chosen this knowledge graph as a means of querying to.


Hi Minsu,

My email is vishal@inferess.com

I can help you with the knowledge graph. How about creating an early draft of your project idea and go from there?

Happy to schedule a google hangout call for next week, if that works for you?