Hi from Exeter UK

Hi, currently working on a pet project, which after much head scratching I decided would be best done in Neo4j and Python with Flask. This means learning Neo4j, Cypher, Flask & Python. It is Cyber Security so nothing too original for around here, I suspect much wheel reinventing is taking place, but it will get me a rounder, simpler wheel (if it works).

Still looking for Python &/or Neo4j gurus who will look at my efforts and tell me what I should have done in simple enough terms I can do it.

Background in security, Linux, web hosting. Not really a programmer, I've done programming professionally now and then, but after meeting good programmers realised I was wasting my time. But this should be a small thing, mostly using my existing domain knowledge, I just need to get some glue in place first.

Hi @waters.simon , welcome to Neo4j community. Please, post your questions to this Neo4j community, and you will always get the guidance what you need.

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