Hi from Doug in Minneapolis

Hi, I'm new to Neo4j. I'm an Information Architect, just starting to explore graph databases. My company is also just getting into the use of graph database technology.

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Welcome to Neo4j. Feel free to ask any questions as you start to learn.

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And maybe answer some when you become a master??? :blush:

@Thrilok @pdrangeid @Jiropole are all local to Minneapolis, as well! :smile:

Hi Doug! Hit me up if you want to talk about graphs with a local nerd.

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Hi Jiropole, If you are ever in downtown Minneapolis, please let me know, and maybe we could arrange a meeting.



Douglas A Jones

Information Architect

Information Architecture

625 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55415-1665

Direct: 612-844-6452

Toll-free: 800-847-4836, ext. 36452



Hi Doug,

I'm absolutely open to meeting, DM me.