Hi from a Swiss Startup using Neo4j

Hi All,

I joined the community as we are using Neo4j for our free event and daily networking application. Seems like the perfect software for our purposes as we combined it with some machine learning to get powerful recommendations for the event participant lists etc.

Looking forward to participating in the discussions!

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Sounds like a great use-case Nadim, did you see the startup program?

If you ever wan to write about your use-case please let us know, we're happy to promote our startups.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, we saw the startup program and we are absolutely interested.
Currently, we are validating our idea. Our app Knockl is being placed as a daily networking app, as an app for events and as an app for communities. We are doing this in three countries in Europe with more to follow.

We want to show that this works and that Neo4j is the right and a scalable technology and that we can do great recommendations with it. We are aiming for millions of users in a short time and therefore will have to go for the enterprise version sooner than later.
This is also how we are promoting the project to investors.

But we are still in validation and have to show it works before we will apply for the startup program. In the meantime, we would also love to offer our networking app for the neo4j community. In fact, yesterday I also contacted your marketing director to ask if we can place our neo4j-powered event app for your neo4j GraphTour. If you have other ideas how we could do that, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Let me also get back to you about writing about our use-case. Thanks a lot for your offer to promote us!


Hi Nadim!
How is the progress of this project coming along?