Hi Andy from AGH Analytics

I am looking to examine the patent database to develop new tools and methodologies to understand patent landscapes and portfolios. I have lots of IP/Technology experience both with my own patents as well as managing portfolios for firms large and start up. Not a great deal on databases so I may be asking a great number of basic questions so be gentile.
If you have interest in working together on this topic please feel free to reach out.



Great initiative, I enjoy looking at research fronts and innovation insights. Am in similar situation, just started exploring potential of neo4j and have a few patents. [Google Patents]. Am open to some collaborations /joint projects in this area].

Hi Andy, welcome! Really interesting area with a lot of deep data hidden within the patent databases and applications. So graph + NLP should be good to use for this.

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Very interesting!!!!! I'd love to see more about how you are building this! This would be great to share in the #projects-collaboration category! :smile:

Hi Andy, I sent you an email. Maybe I can help you in the beginning.