Help with loading a CSV file

Hi All,

I'm still new to Neo4j but have been tasked with loading and playing with some csv files to gain and understanding of the relationships that exist in the dataset. I have already tried importing my CSV files in a few different ways but keep running into the following error;


Couldn't load the external resource at: file:/var/lib/neo4j/import/CORProject.csv

Here is the Cypher code I used;

LOAD WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///COR_Project.csv' As row
CREATE (:COR_Project {Id: row.CORProject})

Sorry if this problem has been resolved already but is there any way to fix this issue?

Many thanks


Hello @jeevanruprai87 and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

Did you put your CSV file in the import folder of your database?


Hi @Cobra, thank you for the warm welcome!

I have managed to put all CSVs into the import file within the Databases folder, sub folder installation 4.0.3. However it still seems to miss my file completely.


Did you follow this tutorial?