Hello, this is Dmitri from Moscow, Russia

Hi team,
I'm a software engineer. I'm pretty new to the graph databases, but have experience with relational and document oriented DBs.

Right now I'm working on a product that allows for BIM (building information model) analysis.

Hello @DimGun and welcome to the community!

Analysis of a building information model sounds promising. I'm unfamiliar with BIM, does that include all building layers/systems (what's the right word?) like electrical and mechanical?

Let us know if there's anything we can help with on the Neo4j side.


Hi Andreas,
nice to meet you!
Yes, model includes all types of information from construction (dimensions, materials) to building operation (like links to equipment manuals, supply provider contacts, emergency instructions).
And there are a lot of tools that have being built on a top of this technology, that allow for building development process optimization (eliminating collisions, making cost estimation, tracking development process), providing support for building operation (visualization of electrical networks, to make it easier to add new outlets, for example; visualizing realtime data from IoT devices). Possibilities are endless. There is a good 3 min intro to this technology from Autodesk:

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And yes, regarding support, I actually have a question, which I described here Request performance on data with large amount of properties. I'm trying to figure out if I could use Neo4j, as a backbone of a solution that works with BIM. The data elements have a lot of connections between them and external data sources, probably graph database should be a best option for it. More details in my post.

OK, that video intro is amazing. Great production, informative timeline, and compelling possibilities. I remember the days when Evans & Sutherland computers were the pinnacle of graphics. Hadn't realized it was part of this industry.

I'll join in that thread.

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