Hello Nodes! Jacques from the Blockchain!

Hello! Jacques here.

I'm the founder of a social media platform built for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Working at the intersection of social media and cryptocurrencies, I have a unique opportunity to witness how these two types of networks interact - at least I thought I could.

The analytical tools that we are relying on - Google Analytics and Cloudfare - offered very little insight into the complex nature of a social network, giving us only charts and line graphs that while pleasing to look, did not tell us much about whether or not our network was healthy.

We started to build our own tool but still, the charts and bars frame of view offered very little except for "Numba go up" - I knew that we had x numbers of users online at once, but how they interacted remained a mystery.

Utterly frustrated, I started to look for alternative solutions, first I looked for ready-made solutions like Gephi, which allowed me to import data readily.

It allowed me for the first time to see how our users were connected. It was eye-opening, and it became an obsession of mine to generate user graphs on a daily basis to try and understand our users better.

But that even that had its limitations, Gephi only allows me to see a snapshot of our social network, but it did nothing to address the second half of our platform - that of the blockchain network between our users and our project partners.

I struggled mightily to marry the two graphs together, but the program was not designed to handle this multi-dimension network. So I knew I needed a more robust solution.

Something that would allow me to construct this kind of multi-dimensional network, and see the data in its full context.

And that's what I hope Neo4j could do for me.

Furthermore, I hope to be able to run simulations with Neo4j to tweak the economics of our token to ensure that it performs as we had designed it to do.

I'm currently going through the Neo4j academy, and not being a programmer, it's going to take me a while, but I hope soon I could share some of my findings with you soon!

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Hello @bluabaleno ,

Fantastic introductory story! I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experience with Neo4j.