Hello neo4j graphers


I came to neo4j to graph a specific board game called the 7th continent. I am now trying to improve my project with vivagraph.js and some other nice things.

I developed in PHP, js, jquery, SQL and computer science is not my job.

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Sounds great, hope you saw our graph visualization series

Good luck with the board game work, would love to see a blog post or such some time soon :slight_smile:

I already made a few things here to describe the project: [SPOIL][Project]Map the 7th Continent | The 7th Continent
And for more, I made other things but in French :
Le 7ème continent : carnet du cartographe, partie 2 - Actualités - Tric Trac
[SPOIL++]Cartographie du 7ème continent - Discutons jeux ! - Tric Trac

Hey @laterite!! This is awesome!!! Might be a good project to post about in the #projects-collaboration category

Hi present another project that I have for my work here: [concept map]Graphing the teaching of chemistry at the undergraduate level

It deals with graphing the teaching of chemistry at the undergraduate level.