Hello neo4j family I am Zakariya

I am currently using neo4j for my masters thesis.
so far I have built an app using nodejs, neo4j ,googlemap and chart.js to simulate relationships between critical infrastructure.

I do get stuck along the way, but thanks to the rich support community of neo4j I always find a document that sheds light into whatever I am stuck or frustrated on.

Welcome Zakariya!

That sounds like an interesting project you are working on. Can you tell us more about what you mean by critical infrastructure?


By Critical Infrastructure, I mean National assets either Physical, Logical or virtual such as Electricity, Telecommunication, Transportation etc. which are critical for the well being of any nation.

hi zakariya
If you need any help kindly let me know

Sorry for my late response, however, I am more than glad hearing you are willing to help.

I will try and brief you up on the project when you are ready.

Ok fine with me