Hello Neo4j Community!


My name is Greg Marvin. I live in Michigan, United States. I just received my Neo4j Professional Certification and am very excited about embracing Neo4j and graph databases. I have 30 years in business intelligence using mostly SQL tools. I have decades of team leader, project leader, and development experience. The most important skill we all must have: communication, listening and messaging.

I believe in changing paradigms. The whole database world will be shifting to the graph thinking paradigm. I want to help it shift. I am creating workshops called Graph Thinking Workshops for 1)Stakeholders, 2)Product Owners, 3)Data Analysts, and 4)Data Engineers. Each workshop will be tailored for each type of agile/project team member. The goal is to transform the organization to graph thinking. Transformation starts with a visionary leader, curious analyst, creative product owner and innovative engineer. Communication of ideas and goals is the key to aligning business and technology. The key to business and technology alignment. The key to team member collaboration.

Technology change only happens when the right people ask the right questions and want those answers. The purse strings open up, investment in money, time, and people is made. There is a huge amount of effort that goes into getting projects proposed, approved, and started. The key is communication: speaking the same language and having the same goals. From vision to delivery and support, the organization must be aligned on data strategy. Everyone must know the goal and the language of the goal. I want to accelerate the paradigm shift, I want to accelerate the adoption of graph databases. I want to teach how to look at data as a graph, rather than as a table of rows and columns. I want to surf this wave into retirement! Anybody want to join me? gregwmarvin@gmail.com. Also, I am creating a website www.graphthinkingworkshops.com. Still under construction.

I look forward to changing the database world together.


Hello Greg, it's a pleasure to meet you