Hello! I'm Dave. I'm here for the connections to find clusters

I'm a developer living in the US Northeast.

I have been hearing about Neo4j over the last decade, since a few former colleagues joined the company. (:wave:t2: to Mark if you happen to see this.)

I've been interested in it again recently after modeling a data center data set with GraphQL, which got me more comfortable thinking about data in terms of graphs. Then I started working with a fraud related data set trying to track connections between accounts. I had access to a large PrestoSQL cluster, which had the grunt to do the processing, but the SQL itself just became more and more clumsy as I tried to add different types of connections.

I'm a programming language polyglot, but have most recently written Python, Go, Elm and Scala. And lots of SQL. I'm also interested in the possibilities for TypeScript on Deno.


Hi Dave
Welcome to the community in case of any need kindly let us know
Best regards

Hi David,

when I start to know Neo4j I was impressed from the academy:

If you know Cypher sintax you can try a Neo4j sandbox:
Neo4j Sandbox | Online Graph Database – No Download Required .

For cloud structure there is Aura :



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