Hello, I´m Orpheu from São Paulo

I´ve been working for many years as a system analyst, administration database and a businees inteligence. Now, I'm interested in learning about neo4j and other technologies to develop in other areas and get back to work again.

  • Solid experience in Systems, Data and Database Infrastructure in national and multinational companies in the Civil Construction, Agribusiness, Retail and Automotive segments.
  • Strong knowledge of systems, logics, data extractions, algorithms, business processes, automation of information to the end user and analysis of large volumes of data. Work with the Financial, Strategic and Commercial Planning, Human Resources, Purchasing and Logistics areas.
  • Expertise in formatting statistical indicators, logistics and management panels as support for strategic planning processes and monitoring of results.
  • Implementation of ERP with expertise in data integration and maintenance.
  • Knowledge of technologies such as: SQL (Oracle / MSSQL) for both development (research, updating and data modeling) and administration (backup, restore, replication, index implementation, disaster data recovery, procedures, views, etc.) , NOSQL (MongoDB), Python and its libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy, NumPy and others), PHP, Power BI, QlikView, Alteryx, Pentaho, Fortran, Cobol, CICS, Linux, HTML, css, Apache, Linux and Windows .
  • Participation in innovation and change processes within the organizational environment involving the transformation of manufacturing units and optimization of the information flow as fronts.

Thanks for opportunity to be in this group.